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The postal code for Thailand is and if you want to call to Thailand and Thailand you need to dial ,. If you call from inside Thailand you use .
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The time zone id for Thailand is Asia/Bangkok +7
Land Measurement Converter
Land in Thailand is measured in rai, ngan and wah. Land prices are expressed in baht per rai or baht per wah for smaller plots. The tables below will help you convert measurements:

1 sq. wah = 4 sq. m.
1 acre = 2.471 rai or 43,560 sq. ft.
1 ngan = 100 wah or 400 sq. m.
1 hectare = 6.25 rai or 10,000 sq. m.
1 Rai = 4 Ngan or 1600 sq. m.

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