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Thread: Samui Island May Adopt China's Model

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    Samui Island May Adopt China's Model

    Samui Island to be the first island to pioneer modeling low carbon lifestyle with the possibility of adopting China's Tianjin model.

    The low carbon island is part of the plan to cut Thailand's energy use by 45 % by 2035.

    It is possible that Samui Island may adopt the model of China's Tianjin, APERC's first low carbon city but the study for an appropriate model of a low carbon society is needed due to the discrepancy in investment funds between China and Thailand.

    The campaign will cover both private and public transportation.

    Researchers and experts will be sent by the APERC this week to stay on the island for 6 months in order to conduct a study on energy use, with local residents participating. After the study is completed, the results will be given to the cabinet with the researchers' recommendations.
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    I think its just fine to adopt china's model if it looks pretty and comfy.

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