As part of the traditional Songkran Thai New Year merit-making ceremonies in Khon Kaen province, the locals perform bathing rituals to pay homage to revered Buddha images and shrines, present merit-making offerings to monks and pay respect to elders by making ritual offerings.
The rest of the Grand Songkran holidays are filled with festive fun with hours of friendly water-splashing, Miss Songkran beauty pageants and a variety of uptempo traditional Northeastern folk entertainment.
The Grand Opening Day is on 11 April 2012 and Family Day is on 14 April 2012. Meet OTOP products and experience the longest human wave in the world. Its time to have fun on Khao Nieo Road in Khon Kaen. Feast your eyes on a wonderful parade, and pour some Thai scented water on a Buddha image and elders. Enjoy various kinds of entertainment, folk plays and food fair.

Date: 11 -18 April,2012
Location : Bueng Kaen Nakhon and Sichan Road (Khao Nieo Road) Khon Kaen
For more information: Khon Kaen Municipality office Tel. 0 4322 4032, 0 4322 4029 ext 1504
Tourism Authority of Thailand , Khon Kaen Office Tel. 0 4324 4498-9, Fax. 0 4324 4497