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Thread: British Embassy Refusal Thai Wife's Visa

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    British Embassy Refusal Thai Wife's Visa

    Kanokrat Booth is 42 year old was arrested and deported on arrival at Glasgow airport in May 2010 because her husband Denis Booth had tipped off the UK Border Agency about his Thai wife had deserted him and had another lover. She denied the allegations.

    An immigration tribunal and appeals board ruled that the UKBA had acted unlawfully and that the couple was legally married. Nonetheless, a 2012 ruling by the UKBA again refused her a spouse visa even though her case had been accepted by the European human rights court. The UKBA argued that she had no intention of living with her husband, thus invalidating the spouse visa application.

    Kanokrat siad The UK is killing me by their laws. My life is already dead. All I want to do is to fight my divorce and my human rights cases in Britain. After that I do not want to stay in the UK. I love Thailand.

    The Thai woman met Denis Booth on the internet and went through a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand and a registry-office wedding in UK. Her husband has since dropped the claim that his wife had taken another lover and argues only that he was deserted. She wants to contest the divorce at Selkirk sheriff’s court and be allowed to remain in Britain to sue the UKBA.
    A straw poll of local expats conducted by Pattaya Today suggests that many just don’t believe that the wife is telling the truth. Some believe the former journalist is trying only to manipulate the media and to get her hands on her husband’s assets in a contested law case. Several disillusioned British men told Pattaya Today that, in their failed marriages, the Thai partner had had no intention of being faithful but wanted only British citizenship or a division of the spoils in the divorce.

    Kanokrat denies such claims and says that her legal troubles already have cost her several million baht and that she has been forced to sell her house and car. She criticizes the UKBA judgment as treating me like a prostitute and claims she only returned to Thailand when her husband was in Turkey on a sailing holiday.

    The acrimonious dispute has also thrown up the vagaries of the British visa application system. Kanokrat applied for a spouse visa to return to UK and fight the divorce grounds in court. But spouse visas are available only for foreigners intending to live with their partners–hardly the case here. Most legal experts think she also would have been refused if she had applied for a tourist visa once her husband notified UK authorities that his wife had deserted him.

    A visa specialist said It is not that unusual for a Thai to be denied access to the UK even with a prior visa. Mrs. Booth could try to fight the legal case from Thailand but in practice it would be very difficult. Whether she was wise to threaten suicide remains to be seen.
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    They want the money and the husband want cheap easy cooking and good bed partner. So whats new?

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