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Thread: New Cars In First Auto Show Thailand 2012

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    New Cars In First Auto Show Thailand 2012

    The First Auto Show Thailand 2012 kicked off on Wednesday at BITEC, featuring both new and pre-owned vehicles.

    Eighteen car manufacturers are showcasing their latest models, while 20 used car dealers are also joining the event. The First Auto Show Thailand 2012 is aimed at promoting Asian vehicles.

    Many special promotion and loan conditions are on offer for first-time car owners. The second-hand cars on sale during the event are those registered in or after 2007.

    The event will be held until March 4th at BITEC in Bangkok.

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    if i knew about this I would have stayed for 10 more days in February...I love these shows

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    I love customized cars! I hope to get a chance to see another event in Thailand.

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