His Majesty the King has advised the government to grow more forests, for they can be effective in preventing the future flood crisis.

His Majesty the King, on Friday, granted a royal audience to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and members of the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management as well as the Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development at Siriraj Hospital to discuss the progress on both projects.

The two committees were set up by the government in late 2011 to help equip Thailand with the engines that will enable it to manage water resources systematically while restoring confidence after last year's severe flooding.

At one point of the meeting, His Majesty has suggested that Thailand needs to find ways to let water flow out to the sea uninterruptedly and to have harsher punishment for deforestation as well as to grow more forests to make up for those that have been lost.

His Majesty has stated that both hardwood trees and softwood trees should be added to the forests as the former's roots are so strong that they can prevent landslides while the latter's fast-growing quality makes it easier to fill the empty space.

According to HM the King, the repeated cases of landslides nationwide have shown how serious the deforestation in Thailand is and how much it needs to be remedied.

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