The boulder landed in the middle of the road between Krabi Town and Ao Nang, leaving a 30 centimeter deep crater in the road surface, and splintered into smaller boulder fragments.

Unable to stop in time, a tourist van swerved and missed the main boulder but struck one of the fragments, damaging the vehicle’s radiator, explained Nattapong Chaidate is 35 year old van driver at the Aonang Orchid Resort.

He temporarily lost control of the van, but managed to stop the vehicle by the side of the road.

Another van from the same hotel following behind but this one full of tourists was not so lucky.

The van struck the main boulder, causing the front left tyre to burst.

No people were injured in the collisions.

Local municipality workers have now rolled the remains of the boulder into the ditch beside the road. Attributed the boulder’s fall to heavy rains in the area recently.