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Thread: Destination For Lovers In Samui Thailand

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    Destination For Lovers In Samui Thailand

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand is promoting Samui Island as the destination for lovers in the month of Valentine's.

    Ms. Saipayom Somsuk from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Samui said that TAT is inviting lovers and married couples to spend a quality time on this famous island in February, when the weather and the sea are exceptionally beautiful.

    During the month of love, all hotels and resorts are offering special holiday packages to loving couples. Moreover, those who plan to have a wedding party on the island will be in for more special treats as well.

    And to make the festival more extraordinary and memorable, the Samui District Office is prepared to hold a Valentine's Day marriage registration campaign, which offers a free night at select hotels to 10 lucky newly-wed couples who take part in the project on February 14th.

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    such a good is in the air

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    That's a romantic getaway!

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