TAT Northeastern Region Office Director Pattamat Wongpattanasiri stated that the TAT will join forces with the Surin provincial administration and the private sector to organize an elephant-back wedding ceremony on 14 February at the Elephant Village in Ban Ta Klang of Surin province. The purpose of the event is to conserve the wedding tradition of the Kui ethnic group as well as to promote provincial tourism.

At the same time, the TAT plans to make this event one of Thailand’s top-hit Valentine’s activities for foreign visitors, similar to the world-renowned underwater wedding in Trang province which is scheduled to be held during 10-12 February this year.

The TAT sees Valentine's Day as an opportune moment to carry out promotion campaigns for these activities as they can help persuade more foreigners, especially lovers and honeymooners, to travel to Thailand.

Date: 14 February, 2012
Location: Ban Ta Klang, Surin