The Department of Agriculture is holding the National Horticultural Congress in Chiang Mai with an aim to implement academic research for the benefit of farmers and the economy.

The 11th National Horticultural Congress is being organized by the Department of Agriculture at the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai during 1-3 February. The conference is aimed to publicize related findings by researchers, academics and students and to provide a stage for the participants to exchange their opinions in order to develop the country’s potential in horticulture.

A total of 153 research projects are being showcased at the event. They are categorized into five groups, consisting of fruits, flowers and ornamental plants, vegetables and mushrooms, herbs and spices, and other horticultural crops.

Mr. Suwit Chaikiattiyos, Director of the Horticulture Research Institute under the Department of Agriculture, said in preparation for the establishment of the ASEAN Community in 2015, Thai farmers must strive to reduce the cost of production, cut down on the use of toxic chemicals, and enhance the quality of their crops.

The Director added that there will be a campaign to introduce cost-cutting technologies to the farmers as a way to help boost their potential to be on par with their competitors in other countries

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