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Thread: 3G To Use In Thailand

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    3G To Use In Thailand

    TOT Public Company Limited says its 3G service will be officially launched in Bangkok on February 24th as scheduled.

    The TOT says the company has signed an agreement with Advance Info Service (AIS) on co-site cooperation in providing the third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunication network, and the cooperation has progressed according to plans. Over 3,000 co-site 3G stations have been established, while 2,230 more are under construction. The TOT hopes that the first 3,000 stations will be ready for service by February 24th, and all the 5,230 stations will be put to service by May this year.

    The TOT says sharing 3G service stations with the AIS is mutually beneficial and helps reduce the costs of constructing 3G cellular base stations.

    Currently, there are over 300,000 3G users, even when the service is unofficially provided. The TOT expects that the number of its 3G customers will increase rapidly.

    News from NNT
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    I am so tired of this telecom mafia in Thailand....

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    Waiting for 4G Service.

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