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Thread: Natthawut Saikua Red Shirt Leader Talks About His New Job

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    Natthawut Saikua Red Shirt Leader Talks About His New Job

    Reporter: Do you consider yourself an "ammart" (member of the elite) now?

    Natthawut Saikua: I am a full-fledged citizen. It's in my spirit, not the duty or the seat I sit on. I am still a citizen.

    Reporter: Do you think the red shirts understand your decision to take the Cabinet post? Once you said you were part of the "phrai" (peasants), but now you're part of the elite.

    Natthawut Saikua: As I said, my stance as a "phrai" remains intact. I am elected as an MP and my political party has assigned me to be a Cabinet member. This is understandable. I never said that I would not accept a Cabinet post.

    Reporter: Have you retained your status as a red-shirt leader?

    Natthawut Saikua:My stance about democracy is unchanged otherwise I wouldn't be able to work with an elected government. I believe that my fellow red shirts want to know what I will do as deputy agriculture minister. People from any political colour - as well as those with no political colour - can serve as Cabinet members.

    Reporter:Is the Cabinet appointment unexpected?

    Natthawut Saikua:I did not expect it. I often say that I play for the team. When the people responsible for the team assign me to some duty, I have to do it as best as I can.

    Reporter:Do you think it is morally appropriate for a suspect of a severe crime to become a Cabinet member?

    Natthawut Saikua:My case is not final yet. Over the past five years, only a few outstanding politicians have faced no legal cases. Abhisit Vejjajiva is facing a severe charge. Suthep Thaugsuban is accused in a case that carries a maximum penalty of death. They are all accused. In the political fight over the past five years, all the people involved got injured.

    But you have to understand what causes the wounds. Eventually, the justice system will decide if we committed the alleged wrongdoing.

    Reporter:Did the prime minister make any special request?

    Natthawut Saikua:The prime minister offered me moral support and asked me to work the best I can.
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    Check in his bank account if he is an elite or not.

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