The Ministry of Commerce has found that goods prices during this year's Chinese New Year festival have been falling more than in the past couple of years.

Mrs. Vatchari Vimooktayon, Director General of the Department of Internal Trade, said on Friday that recent findings on consumer goods and Chinese New Year holidays showed that, on average, prices have dropped more than in the past few years due to favorable weather conditions that benefited farming.

Mrs. Vatchari added that officials who have gone out inspecting marketplaces found that prices of most vegetables have been stable while prices of pork, chicken meat and eggs remain within the suggested range.

For instance, a kilo of pork costs THB120-125 while whole chicken is priced at THB65-66 per kilo. In addition, orange now costs THB80-100 a kilo, a considerable drop from last year's record of THB90-120 per kilo.

The Director General of the Department of Internal Trade also predicted that prices of certain goods, such as steel and chemical fertilizers, which are also traded on the international market, will remain quite stable this year.

Moreover, she expects that the drought crisis will not be as severe as some have feared. That means prices of fruit and vegetable will not likely go up much.

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