Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy earlier this morning to attend the Chinese New Year celebration during which she was told to paint an eye on a lion mask, a symbolic gesture, according to a Chinese belief, to bring prosperity and happiness to Thai and Chinese people in Thailand.

Ms. Yingluck was greeted by the ambassador, Mr. Guan Mu, upon her arrival. Participants of this event had witnessed spectacular performances ranging from lion dances to Chinese opera, clay sculpturing and paintings, as well as Chinese music using both Thai and Chinese musical instruments.

An on behalf of the Thai people, the Prime Minister wished on the occasion Chinese people in China a very happy Chinese New Year. Her message was also broadcast live via the CCTV of China. Many Thai people of Chinese descendant, Chinese nationals and business people have also been to the Chinese embassy this morning to celebrate this important day.

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