The Phuket Provincial Administration Organization is preparing an extravagant celebration to ring in the Year of the Dragon with the arrival of the Chinese New Year.

Several famous musicians such as Rattapoom Tokonsup. Fay Fang Kaew and Noewy from the band Sinyorrita are scheduled to take the stage at the event.

The Year of the Dragon is particularly auspicious as the dragon is revered by both mainland Chinese and the people of Phuket, many of who are of ethnic Chinese descent.

Some Chinese believe the topography of Phuket resembles that of a great Sea Dragon.

Tradition holds that this dragon, Hai Leng Ong, is duty bound to protect Phuket and its visitors, sustaining life and prosperity in business.

Date: 23 January, 2012 at 04:00 pm
Location: Sanam Chai, Phuket