Witness a rarely seen traditional courtship tradition on the island of Koh Kaam Yai, approximately 1 km from the island of Koh Si Chang. The men of the village invite eligible young ladies to join them for water-splashing in the sea. If consent is granted, the man carries the young lady down the beach to the sea and then carries her back to shore again, after which the couples take part in the traditional ram wong circle dance.

  • Buddhist merit-making and the ritual bathing of Buddha images at temples
  • Performance of the Kong Khao consecration ritual, accompanied by a ritual dance
  • Rot nam dam hua ceremony
  • Scented lustral water is presented to elders and individuals held in high esteem in a gesture of respect.
  • The building of sand stupas
  • Folk games
  • Ruea Krata wok race
  • Songkran water-splashing

Date: 13-19 April, 2012
Location: Koh Si Chang
For more information: Koh Si Chang Municipality 038-216201