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Thread: More Scary Pattaya Ladyboy

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    More Scary Pattaya Ladyboy

    Mr. Peter Roehinger is 50 year old called police to his central Pattaya apartment on 26 December to report the theft. Searching the area, the police quickly found Sithat Naamwiset is 26 year old who had the German’s electronics in his handbag.

    Mr. Roehinger admitted he solicited the Udon Thani cross-dresser for sex, believing him to be a woman before Sithat’s true gender was revealed.

    It was only after the transvestite was gone did he notice his missing camera and phone.

    Sithat was jailed on theft charges and, adding insult to injury, a fellow ladyboy who came to bail him out. Soros Poonneam is 26 year old was tossed into the cell as well after failing a snap drug test.
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    Yes i see many news when someone come and bail them out and they have drug or weapon. Stupid people go to Police with drug!

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    This seems pretty harsh. I did not know that you could be jailed for having drugs in your system. Does this happen regularly? Anyone know what drug it was?

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    Yes in Thailand you get jail for having drug in your system. Random check on the road and stop everybody who drive a motorbike.
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    I agree with Joy thai, It's stupidity to call a police without thinking they will get caught too.

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