This year's fair will be grander than ever as it is also the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Thai-Danish Dairy Farm. Moreover, the DPO wants to make the event an opportunity to show gratitude to His Majesty the King for the creation of dairy farming profession for Thai farmers since 1962. His Majesty's vision became a turning point for a large number of local farmers to have a secure and sustainable source of income after all these years.

At this year's event, various activities will be held to showcase the progress of dairy farming and Thailand's dairy industry during the past 50 years as well as a special exhibition on His Majesty the King's creation of Thai dairy farming. In addition, fair-goers will also get to enjoy several entertainment programs throughout the 3 day fair.

Date: 17-19 January 2012
Where: the DPO headquarters in Muak Lek District, Saraburi Province.