"We love your king," The American Ambassador Kristie Kenny told a small group of newspaper editors meeting her at her residence. The ambassador stressed that she appreciated each country's need to have its own laws.

The American Ambassador Kristie Kenny has reiterated that the United States would never interfere in Thailand's political affairs, and that controversial Article 112 is a legal matter to be sorted out by Thais only.

Clarifying her embassy's and her own roles regarding the so called lese majeste law that recently led to a jail sentence for a Thai-American, the envoy said her and the embassy's reactions to the case were strictly that a response to an individual case, and no more, no less.

The US Embassy's Facebook page had been overwhelmed with angry remarks, some of which expressed in obscenities, after the United States' reaction to Joe Gordon's 20-year jail sentence was seen as America siding with the antilese majeste movement here. Street protests were held. Ambassador Kenny also bore the brunt of the wrath, with furious messages and some profanities sent to her Twitter account.

She said her Twitter chat with her followers the day after Joe Gordon sentence was handed down had been planned in advance and the embassy could not have known exactly when the verdict was going to come out after delays and postponements. The issue of Joe Gordon and lese majeste came up during the Twitter chat, and although she took diplomatic lines in answering questions, attacks on the embassy's Facebook page began after the Twitter forum.

"I felt very bad about it," she said, repeating that Americans are friends to Thais on both sides of the political divide.