The annual Nakhon Pathom Food, Fruit and Best Products Fair offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy many of the province’s famous products and shop for the finest quality products at truly irresistible prices.

Blessed with ideal conditions for crop cultivation, farming and fisheries, Nakhon Pathom is the country’s ‘food basket’ and its traditional weekend markets and fairs are very popular destination for food lovers.

The province is famous for its pomelo, guava, fresh young coconuts and mangoes; five-spiced braised ducks, braised duck noodles, aromatic grilled pork satay, Chinese banquets, khao laam a sticky rice dessert with either a fragrant coconut custard topping or a savoury topping cooked in a bamboo tube, and a host of other delicious local fare.

Situated in the fertile agricultural heartlands of the Central Plains, the rural landscape of Nakhon Pathom province is a mosaic of lush fields, orchards and plantations and farmland nurtured by a network of rivers, waterways and irrigation canals.

Date:23 - 29 January, 2012
Where: Phra Pathom Chedi pagoda temple grounds, Nakhon Pathom city centre

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