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Thread: Thai wife a modern day slavery

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    Thai wife a modern day slavery

    The Swedish magazine Plus reports are telling the Swedish readers that the "wife buying" that is going on in Sweden and Thailand is a modern day slavery. Thai wife's half the age (or more) of the Swedish husbands are married away and sent to Sweden after she is paid for. Many of the Thai wife's cannot speak English and no Swedish and become slaves in Sweden with no contact to the outside world. There is off course real love stories but Plus is focusing on the down side of Thai international marriage.

    Many foreigners living in Thailand would probably tell you that they feel like a living ATM or prisoners in a Thai marriage with an abusive Thai wife.
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    Well Thai wives should look up to their abusive colleagues and use that that they are much younger and more beautiful than them...They should get something out of it too

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    Maybe they think it is better to slave for Sweden man not Thai man?

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