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Thread: Love or Used The True Story of Thai Girl and Australian Guy

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    Love or Used The True Story of Thai Girl and Australian Guy

    Have many thai girls come to Australia but I met one Thai girl came to Australia to study. She have to work very hard to got the money to pay for school and her expense because she very poor. One day she have accidently met some of Aussie man. She was fell in love to him on the first sighted. But the man only want to be her friends and he very kind to her. After they became a friends, they have always contact each other. The girl she working in the restaurant and finish very late at night, everynight. And the man he work as a mechanic, and he always work very hard too. he finish hit job late night same as her.

    The girl she studying and working very hard but it is because she have a hearth of true love to him. She never thinking of herself, she always thinking of him, and worried about him. She used all of her a little free time and some of her a little money to buy thing to cooked the foods for him and brought the foods to gave to him in his work-shop, almost everyday that she did that. Some time when he call her after midnight, to tell her that he very hungry. Then she have quickly got-up from her bed to cooked for him and brought the foods to gave to him in his work-shop. She did like that for many months, without anything back from him. Only she can meet him, can see he smilling, can see he happy and she can see he eat her foods it is enough to make her happied.

    In one day, the man told her that he already knew that she love him, he can read her from her eyes and from every thing she did for him... And he said to her that he love her too. But he need more time to get to know her better. The girl she was very glad of what he said. It is becaese she already love him very much, she put herself on him, she told him that she want to be his girl, only he can let her love him, let her be his girl, let her do every thing for him, it enough for her. Then their relationship were deeply. She still did the same thing to him like she always did. She never asked for him to help her of any problem thing or money. She dont want him to think, maybe she need some thing from him.

    One year later their relationship were like that. Everyone of her friends in Australia were knew about their relationship. But she never meet once of his friends or his family. All of her friends were asked her "Why dont they getting marry" and some of her bad friends said to her that "she act like a women of the street!!! offer the free foods, and free body for a man" and "she break Thai culture". She was very hurt from that. She was never thought of those thing. She was thinking only of love. Yes, she love him very much, than can make her look pass of every opposite thing. Only love that she can see.

    She talked to him once time about those thing, and asked him what will he do? He only told her to wait for him untill he sure of that she love him, and he dont know for how long that she have to wait for. He told her that he have many of his friends were have married to Thai girl, then most of Thai girl left Aussie man after 2 years, when they got the PR. and a half of their money. And he told her that he have a bad experience of separate from his 2 ex girlfriend and they both took a lot of his money and left him. He dont want to get hurt any more from the women he love. She was so pain and confusing of what she heard. WHAT CAN I DO? She asked herself. But none of ANSWER.

    What will you do? Wait or .....

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    If i am that girl, I will wait for that guy until he realized that she love him very much and she don't want his money..
    She cant blame the guy because the guy have a bad experience in the past and she must understand what he feels.

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    he has very bad experience and listening about thai girls. this thing makes the guy bad. he is confused. In my opinion he should trust on her and marry her if he is in love with her. there is no another option.

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