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Thread: The British Beaten by Ladyboy

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    The British Beaten by Ladyboy

    A tourist from British who says he was surprised by the contents of his date’s knickers, was beaten with the transvestite’s high-heel shoe when he refused to pay the agreed-upon fee of 5,000 baht.

    The man from British name is John Smith was having a quiet beer when what he mistook for an attractive woman picked him up. When the couple went to the Brit’s hotel for sex, the katoey’s true sexual identity reportedly shocked the tourist.

    Uninterested in sex with a bloke, he tried ending the encounter by giving the katoey 200 baht.

    But the 30 year old cross dresser, a Cambodian named Ranne Yeb, insisted on the original 5,000 baht fee.

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    I guess he did not check the Adams apple.
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    better no have any problem, pay anyway..... and forget everything happen...
    when i stay in holiday, i wanna enjoy my holiday..... n have problem.... and for 5000 bath!!

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    hahaha yes if you take the ladyboy to your room you must pay for sure!

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