The staff of on 23 October,2011 packed their belongings and moved out from Don Mueang airport, where they had been based for 2 weeks.

The founder of the website and the #thaiflood Twitter hash tag, said it was pointless for his group to continue working with Froc, as the government limited the group’s access to vital information.

He accused the government’s flood command of “not welcoming participation by civil groups”.

Mr Poramate claimed Froc had tried to censor information on before it went live.

The command was not happy with a recent flood warning relayed by the website and so issued a requirement for to submit any information to Froc before making it public.

He said he had noticed a lack of unity within Froc’s management and accused the command of not providing the public with adequate information so that they could prepare to deal with the flood situation.

Thaiflood has now moved to a new office at the Cyber World building on Ratchadaphisek Road.

He said set up in Don Mueang airport after receiving an invitation from the government. It had received good cooperation from relevant agencies during its first week of operations, he said. then proposed a group representative to help the government map out its flood response operation, but Froc rejected the offer. He claimed Froc only wanted the website to serve as its public relations arm rather than as a practical ally.

Froc spokesman Wim Rungwattanajinda yesterday insisted the government welcomed participation from civil groups.
However, Froc also had to make sure announcements would not panic the public.