As a means of standardizing local products and the potential of local workforce, Sattahip District Chief Chaichan Iamcharoen and the committee involved has launched the third ‘Sattahip Chuan Chim’ culinary campaign at the regional OTOP offices of the Sattahip district.

Producers and owners of a variety of OTOP businesses had gathered to witness, taste and experience some of the best Thai dishes and delicacies. These include the ‘Phat Thai’, ‘Khanom Kui Chai’, ‘ Yam Hua Chai Po, and various Chilli pastes. The committee from the Community Organizations Development has seen to it that the campaign should encourage food and beverage business owners to become on par with culinary standards.

Each food shop and restaurant was asked to demonstrate the cooking process and will be judged according to a grading system set by the committee. The committee looked for quality in taste, cleanliness, quality of selected materials and ingredients, as well as packaging.

According to OTOP, product standardization will take the center stage, the very best of local talents and cultural heritages, in order to inspire and give confidence to all clientele. Those who are interested in fine foods can enjoy the ‘Green Market’ in the Sattahip district every Wednesday and the last day of the month.

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