Got this very interesting article from Facebook about a girl who been working at MICT for a few years. She says they do not block that much political mostly sex website.

Witulski: “What exactly are you doing at the MICT?”

Lek: “I am working in a team which is regulating inappropriate online content. [...] We gather information from different research institutions and evaluate if it is a threat to our laws.”

Witulski: “Can you tell me more about this process – how do you find out about a threatening website and whats happening after that?”

Lek: “[...] Not everything is taking place at the MICT, there are various facilities involved in this process. It is also not only our team which is working on online projects, also if it comes to [example of a lese majeste law violation], much more teams are involved. There are also many citizens which help us to clear inappropriate content. We monitor various websites and also video portals for threats. If a website is violating one or several of our laws we are requesting a temporary block.

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