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Thread: G-String Fetus Killer Caught on Koh Samui

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    G-String Fetus Killer Caught on Koh Samui

    The Thai Immigration Police arrested the woman who aborted and threw away her unborn baby at Suvarnnabhumi airport. The suspect was found walking on Rin beach, Koh Phangan at the Full Moon Party and she confessed that she used a G-string swimming suit to abort her unborn baby and threw away the fetus in the garbage bin. Thereafter she flew to Samui with the new British boyfriend. She claimed that she didn’t want the new boyfriend to know that she was pregnant.

    The aborted fetus in the 9th month of gestation was discovered in a garbage bin on the 4th floor of the departure hall. The corpse was a female fetus, white skin, complete, no visual abnormalities. The placenta was attached at the navel and concealed in a black T-shirt. Tied to the neck of the female fetus a G-string underwear, black color was found.

    An officer on the case had found the suspect Ms Nualsiri Samranjai is24 years old had flown to Koh Samui and travelled to Koh Phangan, Suratthani province. With the co-ordination of Pol Maj Phorpol Uthaipop of Koh Samui Immigration Police and Pol Capt Noppavuth Marnyarn Suvarnnabhumi Police they found Ms Nualsiri walking at Rin beach, Koh Phangan at midnight of 12 September, 2011.

    Ms Nualsiri crying, confessed that in the past she used to work in beer bar in Pattaya. She had an affair with British man and became pregnant. There after the British man left her and went back to England. Soon she met another Brit who did not know that she was pregnant. Later she traveled to Suvarnabhumi with the new boyfriend en route to Koh Samui while waiting for the the plane, she felt the fetus wriggle so she walked to the toilet and used a G-string to tie up her stomach and squeeze out the fetus thereafter she throw it away in the garbage bin and flew to Samui island.

    She said she had to do it because she didn’t want her new boyfriend to know that she was pregnant.

    An arrest warrant was issued from Samutprakarn Provincial Court number JOR 623 dated 13 September, 2011 to arrest Ms Nualsiri charged with fetal murder and hiding a corpse.

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    She's a heartless woman! The baby didn't ask her to go and sleep with anyone so the baby can die! That woman doesn't deserve to be happy!

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