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Thread: Chonburi Buffalo Race 2011

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    Chonburi Buffalo Race 2011

    The races are taken very seriously by the owners of the buffaloes. Prizes for the first nose past the finishing line guarantee owners go to considerable lengths to ensure their buffaloes are in tip-top condition.
    Clouds of dust rise as these hefty animals pound down the short course at an alarming speed, reminiscent of a stampede. The crowd roars in support of the favorites and the atmosphere is as an enthralling as watching thoroughbred race horses.
    Admittedly, mites slower than a race horse, but the buffaloes are no slouches when it comes to making a short dash for glory.

    Although this day of fun and competition would succeed with just the buffaloes as the celebrities, there are other activities to make it a worthwhile outing for families.
    A fair with food stalls and handicrafts appeals to visitors who love authentic Thai food, snacks and sweets. Then there are the rides for children, concerts of folk music and, of course, a beauty contest where the prize is the honour of being declared Miss Buffalo.
    Not exactly the most adhering of titles for an aspiring beauty queen, but it does not seem to deter contestants from seeking the limelight of the catwalk.
    Here is a festival that provides photo opportunities to capture an unusual adaptation of the 100-metre dash. Well worth seeing, is always the conclusion of those who make the effort to travel to Chonburi.

    - Traditional wagon parade
    - Cultural preservation parade from the government and private sectors
    - Various buffalo contests such as beautiful types, funny types, etc.
    - Sea mussel opening contest
    - Beauty contests
    - Folk games such as oiled pole climbing, rattan ball, Thai boxing, slingshot shooting, etc.

    Date: October 11, 2011
    Venue: The lawn in front of Chonburi District Office

    For more information:
    Tourism Authority of Thailand, Pattaya office Tel. +66 3842 7667, +66 3842 8750

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    The activities on the racing day on October 11 are highlighted by the buffalo race divided into three categories depending on the size of the buffalo: small, medium and large size buffalos. Also, the most beautifully decorated buffalo competition and the funniest buffalo competition.

    Chonburi province is gearing up to launch the annual Buffalo Racing Festival from October 7 to October 11 with races and activities galore plus local OTOP products on sale.

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    Sounds cool i will be going i love buffaloes.
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