Chiang Mai Zoo authority revealed that panda Lin Hui had been showing signs that she could be pregnant for the second time but ultrasound did not show any embryo.

A veterinarian from Chulalongkorn University conducted an ultrasound on Lin Hui but did not find an embryo yet. The result only showed the expansion of her uterus, a process before developing an embryo. More ultrasound will be conducted to find out if the mother panda is pregnant. According to the veterinarian, when an embryo is found, Lin Hui will give birth within 10 days.

After going through an artificial insemination on April 25th, Lin Hui has been tearing bamboos to make nest and developing milk from her nipples.

The zoo official said Lin Hui was reportedly developing behavioral and hormonal changes.

Panda Lin Hui and another male panda Chuang Chuang are friendly ambassadors China allowed to temporarily stay in Thailand. Lin Hui had given birth to her first born Lin Ping in 2009.

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