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Thread: BREAKING NEWS Thai Ladies cheated by foreigners

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    Red face BREAKING NEWS Thai Ladies cheated by foreigners

    Phuket Customs warns of foreigners cheating Thai ladies

    In a serious warning to all Thai ladies the Thai Customs officials at Phuket International Airport have issued a warning for Thai ladies not to be deceived by foreigners asking for money to help pay for import or customs duties.

    “For awhile, they send the victims presents, but then they phone or email the victims asking that they transfer money to their accounts to pay for VAT [value-added tax] or import taxes at the airport,” she added.

    Ms Monthira explained that one foreigner asked a Thai woman to send him money because he said he was being held at Phuket Airport by Thai Customs for trying to bring into the country too much foreign currency.

    “Instead, the lady contacted Customs officers here at Phuket Airport. The officers checked but then told the lady that no foreigners with the name she gave were being held at the airport. The officers suggested she report the problem to the police,” she said.

    Mrs Monthira urged anyone who receives similar pleas for help to contact the Customs Office at Phuket Airport by calling 076-327435.
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    lol...I am telling you for the 10th is going upsidedown

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    This story is sad but really funny!

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