As one of the world’s most highly influential websites with more than 500 million users, Facebook is an ideal media platform for UNIQLO to communicate and interact with its fans in real time, regardless of geographical limitations. By leveraging the power of cutting-edge digital communication tools, UNIQLO is able to share information on quality products and fashion with consumers and convey its brand message to people throughout the world.

As important aspects of the company's marketing strategy, digital and internet media will play a significant role in UNIQLO’s communication efforts going forward, and will continue to create new and exciting content for the benefit of our Thai customers.

UNIQLO has launched its new Facebook Thailand Page as a further step in building its brand and communicating with Thai consumers as the company establishes a closer connection with the Thai market.

The UNIQLO Facebook Thailand page will primarily present content in the Thai language so that our company's many loyal fans in Thailand can more fully enjoy interacting with UNIQLO on this immensely popular platform.

UNIQLO announced today the launch of the UNIQLO Facebook Thailand Page as a communication platform to more effectively connect with its rapidly growing ranks of Thai customers. The UNIQLO Facebook Page will feature eye-catching text, images, and video to present the latest exciting information about UNIQLO store openings, products, and campaigns in Thailand.