The Bangkok tourist police released the news of the arrest of Mr Uthai Nunthakhun, 36 a lady boy from Udonthani province staying the Living Room apartment in Dindeang district, Bangkok on charges of deception.

A lady boy in Bangkok who conned many Japanese claiming he was a broke S'pore tourist and convinced them to lend him money, totally one million THB, was arrested.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Panya said that the police was informed by the Japanese Embassy that in the recent two months ten Japanese tourists were was swindled by the lady boy for approximate one million THB. The fraud took place in Soi Thonglor, Bangkok. The police later found the suspect and arrested him.

The suspect lied to the victims that he was a Singapore tourist or the official of a Singapore hospital who had lost his money and passport and did not have enough money to buy food.

He convinced the victims until they took pity on him and wanted to give him some money. He asked for the victims telephone numbers and their bank accounts. After a few days he called the victims and told them that his cousin already had sent him the money but he still could not receive since it was an international bank transfer. He also said that he was sick and had to be addmitted to hospital. Some of the victim transferred him the money out sympathy.