Thailand is the first international market to launch this campaign together with stories from local web heroes that focus on family, community and being true to your heritage. The first video, “จากใจพ่อ” debuts today on ‘Chao Doo Woody’ and was inspired by the many emails and stories Google receives from parents around the world who use the web to inspire, capture and change the lives of their children.

Through a series of short videos, Google celebrates the heroes of the web, from entertainment superstars to fathers and daughters, sharing the big and the small, the silly and the serious and showing that anyone can do anything when paired with the power of the web.

The web is a powerful platform. It has evolved significantly over the past ten years from simple text pages to a rich interactive experience.
Google Chrome is a browser built for this new web - a web that’s full of possibilities, a web that helps users go beyond viewing and start doing and a web that really can be whatever people choose to make it. Google Chrome was designed to put as little as possible between users and what they want to make of the web.

Today, 160 million people around the world use Chrome to fuel their online lives and “The Web Is What You Make It” campaign is all about sharing their stories and inspiring more people to get online and change the world.

Today Google Thailand launches “The Web Is What You Make It” - the largest integrated online and offline campaign in it’s history, celebrating every day people, in Thailand and around the world, pairing their passion and creativity with the power of the web to do amazing things.