The ruling Democrat Party has suggested the opposition Puea Thai Party to cooperate with the parliamentary committee in the examination of video clips to be used during the no-confidence debate.

Spokesperson to the Democrat Party Leader, Thepthai Senpong, said actually the committee should inspect all the video clips before the beginning of the censure debate because there had been many attempts in the past to create fake evidences and accuse the government for harming people.

Mr Thepthai dismissed the allegation about the attempt of the government to conceal facts. He said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was open-minded enough to allow the censure debate to take place, and he believed that the Prime Minister would be able to answer all the queries.

All materials expected to be used during the censure debate must be submitted for examination at least three hours before use and receive a majority approval from the 9-member panel set up by House Speaker Chai Chidchob. Presentation of any unapproved evidence will be prohibited.

The opposition however voiced dissatisfaction with the regulation because it would allow the committee members from the government side to know the materials to be used during the debate and could prepare themselves to counter the allegation.

The PM’s personal spokesperson said he believed the opposition would raise two issues for attacking the government, one on the six bodies found at Pathum Wanaram Monastery and the other on people missing during the cordoning operation, as both cases are still pending verification while other issues have been clarified by the government.

Mr Thepthai then questioned some Puea Thai MPs for their participation in the censure debate, saying how they would show responsibility to the society after they had taken part on the stage with the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship and its unavailing movement outside Parliament.

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