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Thread: Dog Waits 8 month on bus stop in Krabi Thailand

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    Dog Waits 8 month on bus stop in Krabi Thailand

    Dog Waits 8 month at bus stop in Krabi

    The Alsatian dog has been staying on the bus stop along the side of the road for more than 8 months waiting for the owner to come pick him up

    He lost from his owner and been in the place where he lost with his owner since then. The dog is about 1 - 2 years old. He is thin and starving. There are many local people who are living around the area come to see him in daily basis. It gets scare of the crowd and ran away to the other side of the road but always come back to the bus stop everyday like it's waiting for his owner.

    There are some local people who tried to pick it up to their home in order to look after them but the dog always ran away and didn't let anyone to get close to him.

    Some locals who live nearby claimed that they have been seeing this dog for 8 months already. They feel pity for him, so they stop by to the bus stop from time to time to give him food but the dog would never let them near him at all.

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    This is just like the movie "Hachiko"! Dogs are really loyal to their owners, I want to have one soon.

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