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Thread: Lesbian Thai Student killed herself?

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    Lesbian Thai Student killed herself?

    The girl hang herself in her lesbian lover's house

    The girl hang herself because she was sad that her lover had an affair with another girls. The incident occurred in Srakaew province. The girl was 18 years old only and studied in the university at Arunyaprathet district.

    Mrs. Charuwan Tupnate, the owner of the house claimed that the girl was with her daughter who was a lesbian and always came to her place for sleepover. Before the incident, she claimed that the couples were fighting because the girl was getting jealous that her daughter had an affair with another girl. The morning before the incident, the girl came to her house alone until noon, her daughter called her at work and asked her to go back to the house as soon as possible because her daughter was afraid that the girl would hang herself. So Mrs. Charuwan hurried back home and saw the girl hang herself in the room, she got panicked, so she cut the rope by knife and put the body on the floor before the officers arrived.

    However, the police hasn't believed 100% that it's the commit suicide scene because the condition of the body is not described as one who hang themselves, there will be the body investigation first.

    Full story and pictures (do not want to publish them here)
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    waoo ! it is so sad. but very interesting a man can commit suicide in love with her girlfriend. but a lady can do such.It is hard to believe .

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    I guess love have no boundary.

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