Crop prices in May have a high tendency to increase due to drought which has hampered the growth of various crops.

Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics, Apichart Chongsakul, said that crops were unable to grow due to the hot weather and also a lack immunity to crop diseases. These have severely damaged the agricultural sector amid high consumption demand. The price leaf vegetables such as coriander has increased to 200 THB per kilogram, Mr Apichart said. However, he was confident that the prices might return to normal in the rainy season when production was expected to increase.

Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Theera Wongsamut has reported that the prices of crops such as off-season rice, palm, Para rubber, mangosteen, longkong and lychee have increased, as well as chicken. The prices of eggs and cassava have stabilized. Products whose prices have dropped due to production surplus include durian, rambutan and pork.

When compared year-on-year, Mr Theera said that the average price of the mentioned products was in line with the price in April 2010. Last year, the agricultural price index has increased by 20.14%, leading to more expensive jasmine rice, glutinous rice, sugar cane, cassava, palm oil, Para rubber, pork, chicken and eggs.

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