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Thread: The True Story of Dating Pretty Thai Girls

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    The True Story of Dating Pretty Thai Girls

    When the Western guys travel to Thailand to meet with a woman, who connect from the dating companies, lots of them will register with one of the Thai dating agencies that abound in Bangkok or around Thailand. Once in Bangkok, they connect with a few women who parallel their criteria, most of them young and attractive and, for a good number of these fellows, matrimony will follow the Thai dating experience rapidly. They then have a younger spouse, who is usually very cute Thai girl and has all the things as a man thinks he needs.

    For the women who join the Thai dating companies, they frequently mention they are looking for a person who is kindhearted, considerate, will take care of me, has cash and lucrative employment. When they connect with an older American man, through the Thai dating agency, they assume he has all these things as women want.

    The issues begin for the woman when they get back to the man's country to learn he is a working class guy, with limited cash and no social interactions. For Thai girls who choose this life, they desire to visit other countries. All Thais however love Thailand and the lifestyle there. It only requires a few weeks in the cold of England or the brashness of Australia for them to decide they want no part of it.

    For the guy, they get married to Thai girl believing they have met somebody who is pretty, youthful, will adore them and take care of them, and be their dream wife. Reality sets in when the real personality of the Thai wife sets in. Thai women have an external appearance of composure and subservience. In reality, Thai girls control the home and have powerful persona's. For a Western man who assumed he had his subservient dream girl, it's an immense wake up call. All of a sudden their Thai wife is more exacting and more demanding than any European woman they've ever encountered.

    Additionally there is the reality that the European fellow is lying to himself when he assumes a young, attractive Thai woman is dating or marrying him for himself. These girls are searching for a better life, and it's completely about economics. Most of them would not choose the 55 year old European man if they had other choices. But, if the 50-55 year old Western guy comes with a big house, a nice car and a full bank account – yep, they'll marry him. Some time later though, when he comes to realize communication with his spouse is hampered because her English ability is mediocre and she has differing interests and tastes, that's when these blokes start considering about splitting up.

    For the girls, Thailand is becoming a country that is concerned with cash and material wealth. Most typical Thaigirls have no recourse to obtaining this so, when a American bloke appears like a knight in shining armor, not many of them will refuse his approaches. All that they have ever wanted is being given to them. Why would they reject it? And they are even turning to the Thai dating websites in increasing numbers to obtain this lifestyle for themselves.

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    i just found,this forum on google!
    do you have some names and adresses of this marriage agencys in bangkok?
    are also some of them in pattaya?

    how the system works?
    how much the will charge?
    only ,when people married each other,or also for the meeting itself?
    thanks for information!

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    I think Google it would be a nice idea, is a good website to start.
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    it is very unique idea which can attract more visitors on the site and get a lot of traffic for this.

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