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Thread: Elephants village in Pattaya

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    Elephants village in Pattaya

    The elephants village in Pattaya is located off the Siam Country Club and if you know your way around Pattaya you can drive there by motorbike or car. You can also take many of the different tours that drive you about 30 min from Pattaya center.

    The Website show very little info in text format but it has a few pictures of awards and famous people that visited the place. I am not sure it is a sanctuary as they call themselves but it is worth a visit if you in the Pattaya area.
    The prices start from around 400 THB up to 2000 THB if you want a full tour.

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    Pattaya Elephant Village is a private sanctuary opened to save sick and injured Elephants, it is you the Tourist who funds this operation by means of visiting and taking part in one of three or all daily programmers opening daily at 10:00am with the last event at 16:30 hours.
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    Wow! This is amazing! A great way to help those poor elephants! I would love to visit this village one day!

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    i would like to have trip to experience of elephants village in Pattaya, i am very nice to see this the elephants village saves elephant's life.

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    I've never seen any Elephants in my entire life! And I want to visit someday of this great sanctuary. And I would love to see them roaming around freely on their own habitat rather than seeing them on a small cage.

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