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Thread: Thailand invites sex tourists

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    Thailand invites sex tourists

    Thailand invites sex tourists

    According to the BBC presenter from this audio, Thailand invites people to come and buy sex. An exited reported talking about Thailand and Bangkok as the sex capital of the world. To spicy everything up they have invited ex massage king Mr Chuvit to talk about the poor girls having HIV from working in the sex industry.
    They are reporting from Patpong the heart of the sex industry and they describe the girls running around in small Bikinis. Some visitor tells the reporter he has nothing against the girls and the sex industry and that it is very open to all people to see.

    They also put forward a important problem and it is that Thai people do not speak publicly about it.

    The report says that he feels sorry for the girls but Chuwit say he should stop dreaming and come to back to real life now all girls want a Benz car not because they are poor.

    Listen to the audio and make your own view.
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    I do not know even how people can vote for Chuvit? Can he just give his money to charity or something if he want to do some good?

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    He doesn`t want to do anything good..he just wants marketing...

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