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Thread: Chlamydia in Thailand

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    Chlamydia in Thailand

    Chlamydia in Thailand

    People who frequently change sex partners in Thailand might encounter the Thai version on Chlamydia also called Chlamydia trachomatis in medical terms. A Normal use of condom should protection from Chlamydia but i know people who touch the girl and then themselves and got it.

    The Thailand version of Chlamydia is more stronger and more difficult to cure then other parts of the word.

    Symptoms of Chlamydia

    In men, chlamydia infection of the lower genital tract causes urethritis and, on occasion, epididymitis. Urethritis is secondary to C. trachomatis infection in approximately 15 to 55 percent of men, although the prevalence is lower among older men. Symptoms, if present, include a mild to moderate, clear to white urethral discharge. This is best observed in the morning, before the patient voids. To observe the discharge, the penis may need to be milked by applying pressure from the base of the penis to the glans. For woman the best is to go to a doctor and get tested because thre can be a number of reasons they have symptoms and they have higher risk of complications.

    How to Cure Chlamydia in Thailand?

    If you think you got Chlamydia from a girl in Thailand you better go to the hospital or a clinic to do a total check because in many cases with Chlamydia follow gonorrhea and other bacteria's. If you had unprotected sex that means you can risk getting HIV, Herpes and or other STD as well. Avoid all sexual contact until the Chlamydia is gone from your system.

    Antibiotics for the cure of Chlamydia in Thailand

    Azithromycin (Zithromax) 1 g orally in a single dose and in Thailand they sell it as Zithromax 250 mg or the cheaper Thai version Azycin 250 mg 6 capsules in each box. So you take 4 capsules the first day and the rest the next day. If you have a habit of vomiting from strong antibiotics this is not the cure for you. The price is 250 THB and 600 THB for the original.

    You can also take Doxycycline (Vibramycin) 100 mg orally twice per day (or even three times). This tablets are very cheap and some people with even eat longer then 7 days up to 21 days until the Chlamydia is gone.

    If you have easy to develop ulcer you should not eat Doxycycline and most people feel uneasy in the stomach for the period they take it.

    The more expensive options are

    Erythromycin base 500 mg orally four times per day
    Erythromycin ethylsuccinate 800 mg orally four times per day
    Ofloxacin (Floxin) 300 mg twice per day
    Levofloxacin (Levaquin) 500 mg once per day

    All of them should be eaten for 7 days but they might be difficult to find in a normal pharmacy in Thailand. Azycin and Doxycycline are sold almost anywhere in Thailand.

    Some clinics also offers a injection with cure for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and they put in some vitamins for good measures as well. These are very strong antibiotics and are not necessary if you not have a prolonged Chlamydia infection.

    Always talk to a doctor before taking any medicine and pregnant or breast feeding woman should never take any medication before consulting a doctor. These advice are not made from a medical view just what is normal in practiced when it comes to Chlamydia infection in Thailand

    For more information and Cure we recommend these books

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thailand

    The Complete Guide to Natural Remedies for STD STI

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