The government by the Center for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) has extended the curfew for another three days until 22 May 2010 to facilitate the operation of security officers to restore the situation back to normalcy.

Speaking in a televised address on Thursday at 11.30 hrs, CRES and Army Spokesperson, Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd, announced that the government has extended the curfew for another three days, effective between 21.00 and 5.00 hrs.

Colonel Sansern stated that the CRES was able to control the situation in Bangkok to an extent; however, he admitted that operations of security officer, firefighters, and relevant officials could not work as efficiently as they were hindered by black-clad terrorists.

The spokesperson added that ill-intentioned people took this opportunity amid the rage of demonstrators to instigate unrest, burn buildings, and loot properties in many parts of Bangkok. He believed that such crimes must be well designed.

Colonel Sansern then played a video-clip featuring UDD Secretary-General, Nattawut Saikua, speaking on the UDD stage, encouraging his supporters to burn all provincial city halls if a coup d’état was orchestrated and said he would take all the responsibilities from the happening.

The spokesperson announced that further details about arrest of black-clad terrorists and weapon seizures during the riots would be disclosed within Wednesday afternoon at 15.00 hrs.

Colonel Sansern also asked local residents to help monitor the situation and stay united to ensure the safety of their own communities. He said this could also help facilitate operation of security officers.