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Thread: Chiang Mai Flower Festival

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    Chiang Mai Flower Festival

    Chiang Mai Flower Festival
    From 4 - 6 Feb 2011 (annual)

    During the fragrant Chiang Mai Flower Festival, sculptures of temples, animals and even scenes from the Ramayana (the Hindu stories of the Gods) are made from flowers and paraded through the streets of this beautiful northern city.

    It's a real treat to watch, since more than 3000 species of orchid are in bloom and many of these are on display. Look out for the Damask Rose, a special variety found in Chiang Mai, as well as yellow and white chrysanthemums. Apart from the parades themselves, there are endless floral displays, local handicrafts sales and beauty pageants.

    The North of Thailand is famous for an abundance of flowering plants, especially temperate zone species, which burst into full bloom towards the end of the cool season. The city (also known as the "Rose of the North") feels like a beautiful, slow-paced northern town even though it is the second-largest in Thailand. Many visitors stay before visiting the hill tribes and going trekking.

    source TAT

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    Hoping to get a chance to wander on these splendiferous scenery.

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