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Thread: ึ 7 places to recommend to celebrate New Year 2011 (Year 2554)

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    ึ 7 places to recommend to celebrate New Year 2011 (Year 2554)


    Intersection whim Royal Black Road at the second place I would recommend. Separated from the Chidlom Pathumwan. And separated from Lumpini and Pratunam, where you will be stunned with the lamp is decorated on both sides. Which has the atmosphere of the festival as possible. See pleasing place.

    Central World plaza.

    It has become a place for anyone looking for the source to see the new year. Because this event is New Year's Eve almost every year. A beautiful and decorative lights in the surrounding area, including road blockades that people can come together to celebrate this particular Not to mention entertainment be cheerful The public and private sector were to provide more.

    9 temples to merit

    Some sounds might be funny. Why the new year to celebrate the measurement. But to say that these places. No less popular in the New Year And more recently in our political situation, not fight well. Measure of merit to merit it. Further enhance their encouragement were much And the sanctuary as a goodwill measure, namely 9, Wat Chana Songkhram, Wat Pho's (Wat Pho), on the glass, on the bells, Temple Sun TV's, Wat Arun, City Pillar Shrine, and a tiger. But suggest that to leave home early. Because this activity takes quite long. Allowance has had time to enjoy the beautiful The temples in Bangkok is not that different.

    Rama 8 Bridge.

    One year is just the only one. You can see the beauty of the Rama 8 Bridge, because this is light and sound show of fireworks, fireworks, you will see the beauty of flowers and fireworks grayish Point in the sky shining beautiful. The advantages of life in the new year to come to blaze Chatchawal out.

    Sanam Luang

    This place to be invited to put priests merit in the morning. For a fortune to live life to charity in the future will find happiness. Represents the beginning of New Year that

    Chiang Mai

    It may seem a little far. But New Year's long weekend once in a while would have several consecutive days. Likely to find opportunities to celebrate the New Year in Chiang Mai a few times to see a double or a single family that is not the same. Transportation as well as the cool weather. Because it is winter already Some people also fled to Doi to celebrate the New Year with the wind. Mist er there! , Do not forget. Take the show to be jealous of friends to play with each other


    Equations with the city that never sleeps really in Pattaya, Chonburi. In addition to its beautiful sea ,tourists visit them to swim relaxed and then release heat. The Pier, Pattaya has the New Year's celebrations are almost every year on both side of road of the of Pattaya. Also decorated with beautiful light wherever you go away too. Don't miss to visit them.

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    i really love these place and weather, greenery, beaches and foods are famous of these place. i would like to have an experience of this place.

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