Web site as a tourist. Ranked beaches are popular with tourists worldwide. The Ao Nang beach, Krabi, ranked second from the survey results. This site The ranking is a network of online travel companies. Largest in the world.

Ao Nang.

Is located in the area. Nopparattara Beach Park - Mu Ko Phi Phi. In the Gulf islands are filled with beautiful scenery surrounding the quaint than other beaches. Because one side of the bay is a mountain cave stalagmite stalactite called.

Inside Phra Nang Cave is stalagmite stalactite complex is a layered. And beautiful beaches such as Hat Rai Ley Beach, Phra Nang Cave Beach, Nammao Beach,all 3 of which can not travel by car because of the mountain barrier. Getting access to rent a boat from Ao Nang. In addition, in front of Ao Nang there are also large and small islands,is Koh Kai, Koh Pod and Koh moe whose shape varies. Depending on the view or the imagination of the spectator .Some people that like chicken heads and boots, but they are all your imagine, Ao Nang has a wide range of resort accommodation to choose from.

source from TAT