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Thread: UDD riots continue to break out in Bangkok

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    UDD riots continue to break out in Bangkok

    Rioters of the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) have started destroying public properties around the shopping district of Ratchaprasong and many parts of Bangkok as they are dissatisfied by the decision of their core leaders to end the rally.

    About 100 UDD rioters lit up bangfai rockets and firecrackers as they hurled molotov cocktails into Central World Shopping Complex. The first floor of the department store was set on fire, but security guards were able to control the fire at 14.30 hrs.

    Other shopping malls and cinemas around Ratchaprasong have been set on fire and damaged heavily, including Apex cinema and Siam Square area. Explosion-like sounds could be heard around the area.

    Central Department Store has announced to close all its branches in Bangkok and some other provinces for safety. Car tyres are still burned in many areas, covering the capital city with thick smoke as chaos continues.

    Throngs of UDD rioters broke into Maleenon Tower of Channel 3 television station on Rama IV Road. The sixth floor of the tower was reported to be on fire while some properties around there have been damaged. Others are heading to Bangkok Post English Newspaper Head Office in Khlong Toei.

    UDD supporters in many provinces of the country have broken into provincial city halls and clashes have broken out with local troops and police officers.

    UDD core leaders recently announced to end the rally of the group as they have surrendered themselves to police. UDD protestors were not satisfied with the decision of their leaders and decided to make independent movements by themselves.

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    Exclamation Peace Thailand!

    Nobody wins in war! In my own opinion protest should be needed negotiation not further chaotic action. As far as I know... in this kind of situation both people and government are lost yet the winner is the MEDIA! Let Peace reign in Thailand!

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