A Trojan virus is very common in Thailand for MSN / Live users. You will get it when you click on a link some friend randomly sends you in a MSN chat and goes off line. Always ask the person what the link is for before clicking on it. If the person do not answer, do not click on the link.

If you get the virus or Trojan in your computer it will take over your hotmail account and send spam to your MSN contact and Hotmail contact.

To clean your hotmail and MSN account you need to do the following.

1. Uninstall you MSN Live chat program.
2. Run a virus check on the computer.
2. Change your Hotmail password.
3. Install the MSN Live chat program.
4. You are done the Trojan or Virus should now be gone.

If you cannot do this we can help you in the shop or in the live support.

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