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Thread: Growth of Bitcoin?

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    Growth of Bitcoin?

    El Salvador has legalised bitcoin and just for a thought I was evaluating that the country purchased btc in 30k range and after a few weeks purchased in 50k range and now it's dumping and again seems to touch 30/40 k range. Such a huge volatility means big players are manipulating bitcoin. So is that good for motivating other countries to make it legal tender as currency? The whales have deep roots in btc and it will always be a drawback for the organic growth of Bitcoin. And donot forget blockchain technology is known by bitcoin! Am I right?

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    I read that interest in cryptocurrency has fallen again. But this does not affect the fact that many choose crypto casinos to make a profit. Guys, do you know something about High-Low btc game? If I'm not mistaken, then this is a card game where within five minutes, players can win many hands. Guys, what other advantages does this game have? Any info?


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