The first group is UDD red shirt group who is complete supporting Thaksin Shinnawatra (The ex-Prime Minister of Thailand) They fight in order to have him back and with the fact that there are many Thai people who want him back and think he’s a good Prime Minister for them.

UDD is the short form of National United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship, they changed to this new name from Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship or DAAD. They are the group for politics in action for Thaksin Shinnawatra and also a group who was against the coupdetat in 2008. The group was grouped in 2008 with the purpose of drove out “Surayut Julonont” out of the position as Prime Minister at that time but stopped the muster in 26 December 2007 once People Power Party won the election in the parliament.

They grouped themselves together again to against with People’s Alliance for Democracy or PAD in May 2008. There was the violent situation during that time and caused the injured people and in worst case, some people died in that situation as well. After PM. Abhisit Vejchachewa becomes the Prime Minister, Red shirt or UDD is back again. There was the big khaos on 14 April 2010, many people died, the government claim the country as in emergency situation for a few days and cancelled it after that. The simple of UDD is red shirts and anything in red.

In 2010, UDD has announced that they are no longer in the same group with Red Siam with the reasons that their purposes and insights are different.

Second group is called as Siam Red shirts, the purpose of this group is to wash off the king system. People claim this group is harmful for the country and their thinking is similar to communist system.

By News Agency