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Thread: Please Adopt Lisa the friendly Spits Dog in Pattaya

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    Please Adopt Lisa the friendly Spits Dog in Pattaya

    Help Lisa the friendly 5 year old Spitz dog in Pattaya. When the farang boyfriend owner stopped sending money to his Thai girl the girl simply left the house and the dog. Now the friendly dog is left in the house and some people come with food to her. She starting to look a bit dirty but she is still happy and friendly. She can take command in both English and Thai and is a bit fat but in good health.

    If you got a home in Pattaya or elsewhere please contact me here or on Facebook.
    Spread this by twitter and Facebook if you can.

    Thank you
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    Is there a picture of this dog? there are a lot of dogs like her. Dogs should be treated well 'cause they are not only pets but also guards someones house too.

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